by Christopher Lindquist

Who Are the Million Dollar CIOs?

Jul 02, 20071 min

The numbers are in!  Janco Associates has released its mid-year 2007 IT Salary Survey. The company uses information from submitted survey forms and public sources (SEC filings and the like), and while the overall mean for IT jobs is up a mere 1.13 percent over 2006, the survey reveals a baker’s dozen CIOs who are doing just fine, thank you.

2007’s Million-Dollar CIOs




Total Compensation

Timothy Shack PNC Financial Services $510,000 $5,942,093
Gregor Bailar Capital One Financial $466,667 $4,522,681
Steven Sadoff Knight Capital Group $250,000 $1,993,434
Mahvash Yazdi Edison International $364,247 $1,878,848
Kenneth Tye Total Systems Services $375,000 $1,849,341
Byron C. Vielehr Dun & Bradstreet $325,000 $1,633,033
Karen Austin Sears Holding Corp. $454,744 $1,557,136
John J. Sullivan Liz Claiborne $491,666 $1,499,176
Gregory Tranter Hanover Insurance Group $330,385 $1,294,731
Richard Connell Selective Insurance Group $375,385 $1,268,134
Larry Thomas Landstar System Inc. $200,000 $1,251,925
Bruce Marcus McGraw-Hill $350,000 $1,239,883
Bobby Spaid Beckman Coulter $304,881 $1,100,079

Source: Janco Associates’ Mid-Year 2007 IT Salary Survey