by Chris Moore

Be prepared to be intentionally spontaneous.

Jun 16, 20073 mins

So there you are, working away at your desk, maybe in your home office, maybe in a corporate office, or maybe you are a mobile worker on the GO ! Wherever you are, you work with others, colleagues, supervisors, staff, customers, suppliers and … the list goes on. You have been working for 30+ years, or maybe today is your “first day at work”. Whatever your situation is, I know one thing, you are busy. You are so busy that you don’t have time for lunch? You are so busy when people you know ask you how work is going you say, “OH , Very busy…..” Is your workday driven by your blackberry, like some external remote control telling you where to go and what to do. In a life full of busy, you need to plan a little spontaneity, actions that are produced naturally within your context. Why would I ever want to be spontaneous, and if I did, doesn’t spontaneity just happen, why do I have to make it happen ? Isn’t that fake. Planning to be spontaneous isn’t fake, it is a gift to those around you, for the people and settings you choose to be spontaneous in, it is refreshing. Being intentional about what you do means that you are thinking forward, you are being thoughtful in your approach to a situation, which means you care. So be thoughtful in your approach to spontaneity. How many times have you walked past someone at work and said to yourself, I should really stop and talk to them about X. So why not stop and talk to them about X, be spontaneous, be real. What if you are in conversation with someone and you are thinking that you really should talk about Y but you are not willing to bring it up, and then when you leave you say to another person, I really should have spoken to them about Y. You know what I mean, the kind of thing that you replay in your head over and over, wishing it turned out some other way. So DO IT, next time, be ready, be intentional, be spontaneous. What if you just show up somewhere, at work, drop in on a team that is working on a project, stop by and encourage a peer, find someone

who you can thank. Being spontaneous in your interactions with people requires one key ingredient, being genuine, being real. Don’t show up somewhere without being real, don’t start a conversation or introduce a new idea “spontaneously” without being prepared to be real. Being intentionally spontaneous also means that you need to make yourself, yes, the V word, vulnerable. When you move off of the script and into improve, life becomes a little more of a challenge, and OUCH, you might get hurt when you become vulnerable because you are letting people in to your circle. You know, I believe “Nothing Happens by Coincidence” , I like to call it NBC – Not By Coincidence. Once in a while my phone will ring, and instead of answering in the usual way, I will say, “I was expecting your call”. So time to leave the safety of the script and move to improve, expect the call.