by Chris Moore

Authenticity and Vulnerability

Jun 13, 20073 mins
IT Leadership

Imagine a world where you could be exactly who you are ! What, you are who you are RIGHT NOW, you are never not yourself, you are never adaptive. Confused by the double negatives ? If you already are authentic, real, who you are and comfortable in your own skin then DO NOT READ ON, go buy yourself an ice cream and celebrate ! If you are someone who at times ends up not being who you really are, being someone else then read on…………. Most of us are impacted by our environment, our surroundings, much gets blamed for our environment and the impact on us as individuals, but when was the last time you heard someone take account for who they are and who they are becoming. Well it is time, it is time for each of us to be real, to be who we are “inside” to be AUTHENTIC. Being who we really are can also be a little dangerous, we adapt or mask who we are at times to protect ourselves. We protect ourselves from being hurt. So THAT is why it is so difficult to be authentic, it creates vulnerability. To some people vulnerability is seen as weakness. We are told from an early age, to be strong, be tough, so much so that when we get into the “economy” into a role in an organization we end up telling ourselves the same thing, you can do it, be strong, push through……. When was the last time you reminded yourself to be vulnerable, to step out on the edge, to take a risk, to expose a protected part of who you are. Can you be authentic, you know people know when you are not being authentic. Can you be authentic. Recently I had to execute a very challenging responsibility. I decided to meet with an individual on my team who was not selected for a position recently posted. Bottom line was I had selected someone else, but I felt I had a responsibility to provide feedback to this individual on the outcome. We sat down to have the discussion and I was explaining why I was not able to hire her, and provided her with feedback on the things she did well. Then it hit me, BE VULNERABLE. During the hiring process I realized

that this person has great potential, potential beyond the role she was pursuing. So in the midst of the debrief meeting I spoke into her career. I encouraged her to pursue great things, a career beyond the role she is currently in. I took a chance, not being a “certified” HR professional, but knowing a few things about people and careers. During that moment I felt free to speak what I believed where sincere words of encouragement, rooted in authenticity with a desire to be vulnerable in order to encourage and direct. Who knows, maybe that moment, like the moments we are all faced with, will chart a new course for this individual, impacting her life and the lives of others. Maybe this will be a small stone in a pond that moves her towards something other than what I spoke of. Either way I would encourage YOU to never miss an opportunity to be real, be authentic, yes creating vulnerability, but in this way impacting greatly the lives of people around you. Be Authentic, Be Vulnerable, Be who YOU REALLY ARE, Be Free………