by Chris Moore

Servants to the Public

Jun 05, 20073 mins
IT Leadership

Whatever happened to all the public servants? Every once and a while you will run into one, someone who is there to serve you, to provide service to you. Are there many of us, or are there just a few, is “government” really good at serving the public or has the private sector surpassed us at serving? Those of us who have decided to join the public sector have decided to be servants. When you accepted that job as a Systems Specialist, or Web Designer did you really think about how your work, how your daily efforts would benefit the public, did you think about being a servant. In Information Technology we support the front line businesses, the public employees who are out on the front lines, delivering services to the public, serving the public, responding to their needs and enquires, is what we do in the “back office” really important, are we really serving the public or supporting the servants. Well, from my perspective we are part of the serving solution, it is our responsibility to serve the servants who are serving the public, we are here to provide tools, information, systems and solutions that enable the front line public servants, and other behind the scenes servants to do their job. Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that you have on your organization, as a servant to the public, your attitude and approach needs to be aligned with serving others and not serving yourself? Are you passionate about doing what you do as a servant with excellence so that those you are serving see the difference, and experience the outcome of your passion and desire to be a servant. I work with a team of dedicated servants, people who are here because they want to serve, they want to give back to their community, they want to make a difference. People who are visionaries, thinking about new ways to solve current business challenges, taking things that they have learned in other organizations, in other countries and applying it to serving the citizens of Brampton. It is refreshing to see the drive and the passion in people who are motivated by making a difference. Do you work in the public sector, in the public service, are you a servant to the public, or are you just serving yourself. If you

are driven by your passion to serve and to make a difference, then keep on driving that out, keep on serving, even if times are difficult, or serving is hard, keep serving, you are HAVING AN IMPACT ! If you have been in the public service and this is a new concept to you then find a way to change, to make a shift. Find an incredible servant around you and ask them how they do what they do. Ask them what drives them, what motivates them day after day to serve. If you don’t work in the public service, but you are a member of the public who is being served, STOP, take a moment and thank those SERVING YOU. Lets Serve each other with passion and pride !