by Chris Moore

Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear…..

Jun 04, 20073 mins

Tell me what I need to know. Lets face it we all live and work in a world that is increasingly more complex every day. The expectations of each of us are on the rise. The way in which we worked 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago is dramatically different than NOW. We all have more on our plates than we have time or energy to address. Our work, life and family require more from us than ever before. In this fast paced world we all need to work together to streamline at least one thing for each other. The Truth ! We all need to tell each other what it is we need to know, not what we think the other person wants to hear. It is easy, if you ask someone a question; you expect them to answer the question RIGHT. Well sometimes when you ask a question the person doesn’t actually tell you the answer you need to know, they provide you with another answer, one they think you want to hear. Frequently this happens when the person who is being asked the question has to provide, yes you guessed it BAD NEWS. The dreaded bad news, why is it we only want to tell each other the GOOD NEWS, why can we not even speak the tough stuff. Is there some deep psychological element in our DNA that makes it difficult to tell people the truth, even if it is hard to say? It seems like there is some web of half truths blanketing the economic and sociological infrastructure of our world, taking us deeper and deeper into the weeds as everyday goes by. Whatever the answer is, good or bad you need to answer the question. Better the person knows what is really happening so they can deal with the issue, or cause the appropriate action to occur. Why do people find it so hard to speak the truth? Why do we want to sugar coat the news for people, do we think they are going to have an adverse reaction, are we afraid that they cannot handle the truth. Ah, but the truth will set you free. If we speak the truth, good or bad news, the truth is the truth. If you ask a question, you assume you

will get the answer, so ask the question. To those of us being asked the questions lets work really hard at answering the questions. You need to be ready every moment of the day for the question. It might be an easy question, it may be difficult, it may be complex, be focused, be articulate and most of all ANSWER the question. There is nothing wrong with pausing to think, just don’t pause to plot. Speak the truth, answer each others questions, tell each other what we need to know, not what we think we want to hear. It is time to break the web, time to be free. Time to ASK and time to ANSWER!