by Chris Moore

Saying thanks and meaning it!

May 31, 20073 mins
IT Leadership

When was the last time someone said thanks to you for something you did? When I mean “thanks” I mean a heartfelt Thank You. A thank you for something specific, something that the person knows you had a hand in. When was the last time YOU said thank you, not the thank you that you mutter from under your breath, but a real meaningful thank you. Far too often we let opportunities go by where a word of thanks would have been very meaningful. Lets face it, we are all very, VERY busy in our corporate worlds. Climbing the ladder, trying to complete a project or getting ready for the next big goal to be thrown our way. Why are we so busy focused on our stuff that we cannot stop our own world for 20 or 30 seconds and recognize the efforts of those around us? OK right about now some of you are saying, you don’t know me; I already do that sort of thing. I would say back to you, great, keep it up and increase the number of times you can thank people around you. For those of you who are about to click on another blog, STOP, just think what your world would be like if people around you stopped their busy lives to thank you for what you do. Everyone is important in an organization; everyone has a part to play. Without people organizations would not function, students would not be taught, roads would not get built and your iPod would be used as a book mark, oops, there would be no books, so no need for a book mark. So look around, yeah right now, look around; think about the people around you, at work, at home on the street or in the doctor’s office. Everyone has a part to play. So since everyone has a part to play, what if they played their part knowing that their efforts are appreciated, and heck forget appreciated, lets just go for recognized. Do you ever do something, big or small and wonder if anyone knows it was done at all. What if someone recognized your efforts, what if they actually thanked you for what you have done, what if they thanked you and you could tell they really mean it. What do

I mean by “mean it”? Even a small child knows when people are not sincere, meaning it is just being sincere, not syrupy sweet sincere, oh that would be called “fake”. Lets be real. So why don’t you try it, before the end of this day find someone who you can sincerely thank for something you know they have done. Even better if it is something that you know they are passionate about. Remember be sincere. For those of you who have already mastered “Thank You” take it to the next level, thank that person in your life that you don’t talk too much, that person who makes your life difficult. Stand back and enjoy the people around you receiving the recognition that is due to them.