by Meridith Levinson

Introducing Moved & Shaken

Apr 17, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

Yesterday launched a new blog, Moved & Shaken, where IT professionals can freely and candidly discuss changes taking place in their organizations. We at envision Moved & Shaken as a forum in which IT professionals can rant and rave about their managers and their new CIOs; where they can give each other a heads up about what it’s like to work for a particular CIO or IT manager; and where they can debate their bosses’s decisions about such controversial topics as layoffs and outsourcing.

As you may have surmised, Moved & Shaken is a spinoff of Movers & Shakers. Occasionally, a post on this blog about a particular CIO—say, Natasha Hawkins—would set off a firestorm of comments, with current and former IT professionals who had worked for the CIO expressing their utter disdain for the individual in question. Commenters would warn readers of what it was like to work for a particular CIO and what readers could expect if they ever had to work for her.  I was delighted to see a community form around my posts, even if some of the comments made my hair curl.  I was also glad that Movers & Shakers readers were reaching out to each other in this way: sharing very practical insight, experiences and advice, even if that advice was ‘Find another job before he cuts/outsources yours!’  Since those comments quickly got buried beneath subsequent posts, we decided to create a separate showcase (if you will) for these kinds of comments. 

For more information about Moved & Shaken, check out the first post.  In it you’ll find the outcome of my attempt to get an interview with Mitchell Habib, a CIO who inspires both ire and admiration in Movers & Shakers’ readers.