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Changing role of the CIO – Sorry but it’s getting even tougher folks

Mar 23, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

At the end of a long week of meeting dozens of CIO’s around the country during the HP Software Outcomes Tour, I have the following observations:

The demands placed on the CIO today are greater than ever – causing a major shift in the CIO’s role within many organizations. Complexity is greater than ever, fueled by a highly fragmented IT offering set and global competition. While complexity is growing exponentially, time to market is pushing back against it, frequently causing disconnects between the CIO and their business partners. While some CIO’s still don’t do it well, rationalization of initiatives, alignment of the IT team, alignment of the CIO with the c-level team are mandatory for having any hope of success.

Today’s CIO must provide effective strategies, deliver operations excellence, be a great negotiator, have good communication skills and provide outstanding leadership. They must be a team leader that understands the enterprise-level financial engineering required for success. Obviously, all these traits are rare if not impossible for one person to master. Therefore, talent acquisition, talent retention and leadership skills must be relied upon to create an aligned team to meet these demands.

Keith Morrow

K. Morrow Associates, LLC

Keith is the former CIO of 7-Eleven Inc and a board member of the State of Texas Dept of Info resources (DIR)