by Meridith Levinson

Are You an Extreme CIO? Check out Koch’s IT Strategy

Mar 20, 20071 min

My colleague Chris Koch has, as usual, written an extremely smart and thought-provoking post on U.S. productivity and work habits. In this blog entry, he wonders why Americans work so hard and he points to a study conducted by the Center for Work-Life policy for answers. But he doesn’t take those answers at face value. As usual, he offers his own informed–and grounded–perspective.

He also discusses the notion of “extreme jobs” (e.g. jobs that require long work hours, lots of travel, huge scope of responsibilities, etc.) and solicits readers for their thoughts on the topic.

Since I haven’t come across any news of IT executives taking new jobs so far today or yesterday, I wanted to direct you to more interesting reading. I encourage you all to read Chris’s post. You may find it long, but it’s fascinating and filled with facts, statistics and analysis. I also encourage you to share your own experiences with extreme jobs with Chris and to take our self-assessment.