by Laurianne McLaughlin

Wanted: CIO True Confessions

Jan 16, 20071 min

No CIO is perfect, right? Not even you.

For an upcoming series of articles, called “True Confessions,” we’re looking for CIOs to share real-life tales of IT close-calls, scares, and experiences that you wish you could rewind and do over. Your name doesn’t have to accompany these tales in print, but please do share them: Your hard-won wisdom could help your peers.

If you can laugh at the experience now that you’re looking at it in the rear-view mirror, that’s even better. (By the way, you won’t have to write the article, just share your story.)

Maybe you left your notebook PC in a hotel room at a crucial moment, completed a rollout that was as smooth as gravel, or built an application that turned out to have some unexpected side effects. Drop me a line at lmclaughlin at (Please put the words “True Confessions” in the subject line.) I’ll be in touch. But don’t worry, the confidentiality of this confession will be assured.