by Meridith Levinson

E-Trade CTO Retires and an Update on Mike Hugos

Jan 27, 20062 mins

This past week may well have been the slowest week for CIO announcements since I started this blog last August.  Here are a few blurbs and an update on a CIO I wrote about in November to end a quiet week:

I heard through the grapevine that Joshua Levine recently retired as CTO of E-Trade.  I haven’t yet confirmed this with the company, but I do know that he joined E-Trade in October 1999 from Deutsche Bank, where he was managing director and global head of equities technology. Anybody want to share anything about Levine or E-Trade through the feedback mechanism?

Gerhard Perschke joined PolyMedica, a provider of healthcare products and services for people living with chronic diseases, as CIO. He comes to the Woburn, Mass.-based company from Caremark.

And finally, Mike Hugos e-mailed me in response to my November 30, 2005 posting about his whereabouts. (Ah, the power of the Movers & Shakers blog to connect far-flung CIOs.)  He told me he parted with Network Services because his vision of IT was not in line with what the company wanted.  He wanted to innovate; Network Services wanted to maintain the systems he put in place. 

Hugos is currently looking for a CIO position with a company that wants to create what he refers to as the real-time enterprise.  Hugos has written about the real-time enterprise, which he says is not about technology per se, but rather, is about new ways of organizing work and empowering organizations based on the use of IT.  In 2004, John Wiley & Sons published his book Building the Real Time Enterprise: An Executive Briefing.  He’s presently working with some other CIOs on a new book called CIO Best Practices that will be published later this year by John Wiley & Sons. Look for more from Hugos in upcoming issues of CIO.