by Meridith Levinson

CIA’s CIO retires; Intelligence agency names successor

Oct 06, 20051 min

Government Computer News reports that Alan Wade has retired as CIO of the Central Intelligence Agency.  He worked for the CIA for 36 years.  The new CIO is Al Tarasiuk Jr., who’s worked for the agency for many years.  Here’s a link to a story CIO did about the CIA in 2000. Note: Alan Wade is not in the story.


Government Computer News also reported that the US Department of Agriculture officially made Dave Combs (pictured at left, and no relation to Sean “Puff Daddy” aka “Puffy” aka “Diddy” Combs) its CIO. Combs had served as the agency’s acting CIO for the past three months.  He was named acting CIO after Scott Charbo resigned in June to become CIO at the Department of Homeland Security.  Before being named acting CIO, Combs had served as acting deputy CIO since June 2004.  It must feel good to Combs to no longer be “acting” anything.