by Meridith Levinson

Liberty Global restructures its European technology team

Sep 09, 20052 mins

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Liberty Global, a broadband cable operator based in Denver, Colo. today unveiled a new structure for its European technology team. The new structure follows the imminent retirement of Liberty Global Europe’s CTO, Sudhir Ispahani, and will go into effect on October 3, 2005. The restructured European technology team will be led by Tony Werner, Liberty Global’s CTO.

  As part of this restructuring, Liberty Global’s Managing Director of Digital Architecture Eric Lennon has been appointed CTO of UPC Broadband, Liberty Global’s European distribution operation. In this role he will report to Gene Musselman, president and COO of UPC Broadband on an operational basis, and to Tony Werner for functional and strategic issues.

Bonnie Gray, who currently serves as managing director of field operations, will assume the title of chief network operations for UPC Broadband. She will continue to report to Gene Musselman.

Mehrdad Mansourpour recently joined UPC Broadband as its new CIO. He also reports to Gene Musselman. He succeeded Sue Whitehead who decided to move back to the United States with her family. Mansourpour most recently served as CIO at Flag Telecom Group Ltd.

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