by Thomas Wailgum

One SaaS Vendor’s Fiery Vision of the Future of On-Premise Software

Jul 09, 20091 min
Enterprise Applications

A new video from SaaS vendor KashFlow is caustic, entertaining, informative and well-timed.

There’s nothing like a good “burning in effigy” video to drum up controversy in the enterprise software market.

A new YouTube video from KashFlow, a maker of SaaS-based accounting software, shows its heavily biased view of the future “boxed software.” The video is sure to heat up the already blazing division between traditional, on-premise ERP and CRM vendors and their burgeoning SaaS and on-demand competitors.

There is something to be said for the simplicity of an image—and this is no exception. But the video from KashFlow does much more to explain its point of view than any chest-thumping blog post or 30-slide PowerPoint deck ever could do. (Also see this other video I posted of the vendor-client relationship.)

The video is also good marketing at a fortuitous time—market leaders SAP and Oracle continue to thrash about with their own SaaS plans, confounding the market and their customers.

The Future of Boxed Software?

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