by Shane O'Neill

Microsoft: Windows 7 Will Star in Ad Campaign

Jun 12, 20091 min
Data Center

Microsoft says there will soon be an emphasis on Windows 7 in its "I'm a PC" advertising campaign.

Microsoft will continue to hammer home the value of a PC over a Mac with a “Laptop Hunter” TV spots, but soon the Windows 7 OS will gain prominence in the company’s advertising play, said Microsoft Advertising GM Gayle Troberman in an interview.

Troberman did not specify whether Windows 7 would be rolled into “The Laptop Hunters” spots or have a new campaign of its own.

“We’re seeing great results from ‘The Laptop Hunters” campaign so we think there’s still room to go with that,” says Troberman. “But we’re building toward the Windows 7 launch, so expect us to start talking about the Windows 7 product more in our ads as we get closer to launch.”

Microsoft announced last week that Windows 7 will be generally available on Oct. 22. Troberman added that the “I’m a PC” campaign continues to evolve and that Windows 7 is the next step.

“We’ve talked about what you can do with Windows in ‘The Rookies’ campaign and we’ve talked about PC choice and value with ‘The Laptop Hunters.’ Now we’ll start shifting more in our ads to the power of the Windows 7 operating system.”

Troberman would not comment on when Microsoft will debut ads that highlight Windows 7.