by Al Sacco

So THAT’s How Apple’s iTunes App Store Approval Process Works…

Jun 01, 20092 mins
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Apple’s mysterious iTunes App Store application approval process (finally) explained...via comic strip?!?!

To say Apple’s approval process for its iTunes App Store is a bit of a black box would be an understatement.

joke comic strip of how Apple's iTunes App Store approval process works
Apple’s iTunes Apple Store Approval Process Explained via Joy of Tech

But today, I came across this Joy of Tech comic strip that clears up all the confusion. And I just had to post it to Mobile WorkHorse. It’s clearly satirical, yet the process detailed within the graphic seems to make about as much sense as any other explanation the iPhone- and iPod-maker has offered for why it seemingly rejects some apps for no reason, while letting other similar ones pass without question.

Additional mobile software store operators like Microsoft (Windows Marketplace for Mobile), Research In Motion (RIM, BlackBerry App World) and Nokia (Ovi Store) could learn a thing of two from Apple about how not to handle developer software submissions, lest they be similarly ridiculed in comic form.

Whether or not iPhone/iPod apps get approved, according to Joy of Tech, mostly comes down to whether or not Apple is feeling “evil” on any given day…which ironically doesn’t seem too off base from what little we actually know about the “official” process.


JoyofTech via IntoMobile