by Thomas Wailgum

My Favorite Tweets from the SAP Sapphire Show 2009

May 15, 20092 mins
Enterprise Applications

At the SAP Sapphire 09 event, the tweets came fast and furious for anyone following #sapphire09. At one point, in fact, the #sapphire09 topic had trended into the top 10 Twitter topics, reportedly right near “Star Trek.”

Beyond the tweets about person-to-person logistics and polite ReTweets, I found some really interesting and funny 140-character-or-less tidbits. Here are my favorite tweets (mostly unedited) from the show (in chronological order):

@sbjet Is Twitter hurting conference attendance?? There are many folks live Tweeting #sapphire09, it almost like being there.

@rhirsch shook hands with leo apotheker last night at GC cocktail party. Note-to-self: practice ceo small talk #sapphire09.

@vlvl Did Hasso just say ‘sh*t’ anymore? #sapphire09 [Ed. Note: I added the *]

@ewH did Hasso just say he used to shoot arrows at birds as a kid? Hasso is on fire today…lovin’ it! #sapphire09

@mkrigsman Hasso speaks with the authority of one who is simply beyond reproach. A beautiful thing to see. #sapphire09

@rwang0 when you market from substance you have effect. when you market from lies, you fall flat. Hasso has substance.

@monkchips SAP is going to get fresh. expect the old farts to fight back #sapphire09

@monkchips SAP customers emit 5 gigatons of CO2 annually, a sixth of the planet’s emissions. #sapphire09 the opportunity

@skemsley Wow just heard about the bartender’s hot flashes #sapphire09 #tmi

@jonerp Don Henley on SAP: “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.” #sapphire09

@ewH They already stopped serving beer at the concert and people are pissed. This sucks! WTF? #FAIL #sapphire09 big freakin #FAIL !!!

@ITSinsider I came, I saw, I was conquered. Ready to blog. #sapphire09

@toppundit #Sapphire09 Filling out last of several Sapphire questionnaires. Not one asks meaningful questions. They want my opinion, but they don’t.

@dahowlett reckoning that some of my friends were seriously grinf**ked at #sapphire09. Will have to work on that one. [Ed. Note: I added the **; Still trying to figure out what that means.]

@amigic Notes from #sapphire09 :#4 There were booths that looked like saying: “If you’re not a min 6B $ customer that will $$$ a lot, don’t enter!”