by Jiten Patel

Non-profits Must Consider Streamlining Processes, & Consider Services like GoogleApps to lower costs

Apr 26, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

With revenues shrinking, budgets tigthening, customers fretting … what are Non-profit CIO’s, or for that matter any CIO, to do????

Well, for one, look for ways of getting things for free, if one can; or aggressively pursue streamling your processes, whether those are business operations related or IT related operations and services related, and provide other value-added services to improve decision-making, time-to-market services at a lower cost.

It is not as it we have a choice, we MUST be aggressive and proactive in pursuit of these goals. Just as business operations gets “plump” and fat over time, it is no different on the IT side. Remember, things we buy do not come cheap, and we do have a tendency of buying technologies and tools, some of which becomes “shelfware” over time … so if you have not already started, start spring cleaning now, with not a moment to waste.

If you are a non-profit organization then pay close attention and consider a service like Google Apps, especially for E-Mail management … it is offered free of charge to non-profits. It is not a gimmick. It is FREE, and it works and works very well … Google host and manages the e-mails environment, and the one huge plus, amongst the many services offered, is one can use one’s own domain name for e-mail services.

Do not just amble, run, hop-skip-n-jump over to their site to check it out for yourself.  

Till next time, all the best