by Shane O'Neill

Internet Explorer 8.1 Coming this Summer! Just Kidding

Mar 31, 20092 mins
Data Center

Ah April Fool’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of this holiday (if you can call it a holiday). It’s like National Trick People Day, and who likes getting tricked or embarrassed? I suppose if you’re big into practical jokes, April 1 is like your Christmas. But as much as I hate the practical joke aspect of April Fool’s, I love funny fake news.

Though today is March 31, there’s already some early shenanigans out there on the InterWeb. A new fake blog post came to my attention from Smashing Magazine reporting that “Internet Explorer 8.1” (codenamed Eagle Eyes) will release this summer.

OK, it’s not a knee-slapper, but it could be true. What the post does well is ridicule how disorganized Microsoft can be and how it has pretentious code names. A caffeine-deficient mind reading the post quickly could believe for a moment that Microsoft would release the next version of a browser a few months after the previous release.

The post plays it straight in the beginning (hardly any winking) and goes to the trouble of covering “new features and notable improvements” of IE 8.1, with some convincing mock screenshots.

Some vague sarcasm eventually seeps through:

Like here: “Overall the browser is faster, more flexible, more stable and also more secure and performs already much better than a recently released IE 8.”

IE8 came out 12 days ago.

The sarcasm thickens later:

“It is safe to say that Internet Explorer 8.1 will be – based on our experience and superior expertise in this matter — dominating the browser market unless other browsers shape up and step up. We are hoping that IE 8.1 will be released soon, as we’ve been dreaming about it for a while now.”

By the end it’s pure tomfoolery:

From the author’s bio:

“Jacob Gube is a professional contemporary dancer for the New York City Dance Company. An avid Steve Jobs follower(/stalker)*, you can find him in the local Star Bucks with his Mac Book Air developing .NET applications. Follow him on Twitter… if you really must.

*Seriously Steve, was that restraining order necessary? I was only trying to give you a hug. In retrospect, I should’ve not done that naked.”

Bravo Smashing Magazine. Well played.

You got everything right but the day.

Be on guard for more tricks tomorrow.