by Meridith Levinson

Layoff: End of World or Fresh Start?

Mar 27, 20091 min

Have you been laid off? What was the experience like for you? Share your story, and find out what it was like for Marty Bodley, who lost his job as a technology product development manager six years ago.

At worst, a layoff feels like the end of the world to the person who’s just lost his or her paycheck. At best, a layoff brings sweet relief: an end to a spirit-crushing job with an employer who didn’t appreciate you, and an opportunity to pursue a more satisfying career. 

For Marty Bodley, a technology product development manager-turned-entrepreneur, his job loss six years ago was a once in a lifetime chance to start his own company. Within weeks of losing his job and with $5,000, Bodley launched a startup in the business of designing and developing wireless headsets. 

In How to Create a Better Life After a Layoff, Bodley reveals what it was like to get laid off and explains how he started his company. Read his inspiring, timely story and share your own tips for surviving a layoff. 

Have you been laid off? How did you figure out what to do next?