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Ridiculous BlackBerry Accessories: Vegan-Friendly BlackBerry Soap

Mar 13, 20092 mins
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The BlackBerry smartphone’s long-standing worst enemy is water—not counting the iPhone, of course. The two simply do not mix. Until today, that is.

BlackBerry Soap by twoeggplants
BlackBerry Soap by twoeggplants

A craftsperson by the name of “twoeggplants” has listed what he or she is calling “Gray BlackBerry PDA Phone Soap” for sale on This pseudo-BlackBerry is made for trips to the tub. Literally.

Ever the seeker of bizarre and amusing smartphone-related products, I just couldn’t resist giving ol’ eggplants a plug. The $4.99 bar of vegetable-based, BlackBerry soap is apparently made to order, as there’s only one available. And I think it was a wise idea on the part of the seller to hold off on mass production until demand for such a cleansing-gadgetish-creation can be accurately gauged.

It’s modeled after a BlackBerry 7100g, I believe, and it’s actually a fairly accurate depiction of the device…except for the iPhone-like icons that appear on its display. Not sure if that’s just a cruel joke or what…

BlackBerry Soap packageing by twoeggplants
BlackBerry Soap packaging by twoeggplants

Regardless, the BlackBerry soap is custom made to order, and interested parties can choose between scented and unscented varieties—the one pictured apparently smells like “chocolate-covered strawberries” and weighs less than 2.5 ounces.

And if that still doesn’t slake your craving for absurd, smartphone-themed products and accessories, read “The 14 Silliest Smartphone Accessories: How to Humiliate a BlackBerry, Embarrass an iPhone.” You’ll even find a product that lets you take your real BlackBerry into the shower with you without rendering it completely useless.


MobileSyrup via IntoMobile

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