by Al Sacco

Latest Tool in the War on BlackBerry Addiction: The CrackBerry Patch

Feb 26, 20092 mins

The subject of BlackBerry addiction has been in the news quite a bit lately, due in no small part to President Obama’s handheld “habit.” I’ve addressed the problem countless times in this blog, but today I’ve got news of something that just may forever change the way you think about your BlackBerry use—and CrackBerry abuse: The BlackBerry Transdermal System Patch.

joke image of the The BlackBerry Transdermal Patch
The BlackBerry Transdermal Patch

The “patch” hasn’t exactly been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—or anyone else for that matter—but Dr. Robert Losch of Salem, Oregon’s Coffee Dharma Clinic sent the above image to me to help substantiate rumors of the product’s existence. (Thanks again, Robert!)

We’ll have to wait for its widespread release to gauge just how effective the CrackBerry patch really is—I sure could’ve used it the other day when IT was performing some routine maintenance on my Bold—but I’ve got high expectations.

Regardless, it has got to be better than that damn BlackBerry addiction gum my girlfriend keeps making me chew, right?


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