by Gary Beach

Mad As Hell, Not Taking It Any More….Join Rick Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party!

Feb 23, 20091 min

Could your business use some of that cool $800 billion the Feds are using to prop up failed/failing financial institutions, struggling automotive firms and the 10 million American families who can pay their mortgages but opt not to because their homes are “underwater”….ie worth less than value of the mortgage?

Well CNBC Chicago correspondent Rick Santelli is fed up with the areas of Fed stimulus focus and last week called for a “Chicago Tea Party” revolt in this on-air rant.

While Santelli was keying his comments to building frustration among American consumers, I am asking the CIO community to comment on Santelli’s rant from the perspective of your business.

Many now say the recession will continue until the fall of 2010. Answer candidly: will your company survive until then? Will your business be smaller when this recession comes to a close? Will you still have your job?

Is Santelli right? Is America throwing good money against bad?

What should the Feds be doing that could help your business?

Will you join Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party!


Gary Beach,Publisher Emeritus, CIO Magazine