by Al Sacco

BarackBerry: More on President Obama’s Uber BlackBerry (Joke)

Feb 20, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

And you thought the General Dynamics Sectera Edge was the most hideous strange smartphone you’d ever seen.

picture of New Yorker Cartoon of the BarackBerry
New Yorker Cartoon of the “BarackBerry”

A less-than-tasteful New York Post political cartoon stole lots of press this week, but it was a New Yorker sketch that really grabbed my attention. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the whole Obama BlackBerry drama, and while the President has been spotted recently with a real BlackBerry 8830 device, the New Yorker decided to draft its own version of what a presidential smartphone should look like.

From the above graphic, you can see that the “concept image” resembles a BlackBerry 8700. You’ll also note the lack of a full QWERTY keyboard. In fact, no alphanumeric keyboard exists at all. And the 8700 thumb wheel was replaced with a key to “reset [the] automatic cigarette-break reminder buzzer.”

I’m particularly fond of the button for deleting “announcements of new Iraq self-government start date,” which features Arabic text, and the “G” key that beeps—not sure how a keep beeps, but oh well—whenever Al Gore is within a mile of the White House. Tee hee.

Click on over to for more on Bruce McCall’s amusing rendering of the BarackBerry.


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