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BlackBerry “Gemini” 8325 Rumor Roundup: Another “Curve,” Not the 9300

Feb 10, 20093 mins
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Yesterday technical specifications for an upcoming Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry, codenamed the “Gemini,” hit the Web, along with a mockup image of what the device could look like. The Gemini 9300 was initially thought to be a souped-up version of the existing BlackBerry Curve 8900 with 3G support and a few more minor enhancements; however, the old rumor mills keeps on spinning and today it suggests the Gemini is actually something a lot less exciting: the BlackBerry 8325, which still looks just like its Curve 8900 brethren but does NOT support 3G. The good news: The BlackBerry 9300 still reportedly exists.

Mockup of the BlackBerry 9300
Mockup of the BlackBerry 9300

Here are some quick BlackBerry Gemini technical specifications:

  • The BlackBerry Gemini is a GSM/EDGE device, not a 3G smartphone

  • T-Mobile may get it first

  • It is expected to be the first RIM device to run the upcoming BlackBerry OS 5.0

  • The device has Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

And here’s the original BlackBerry 9300 tech specs list from

  • The 9000 will sport a larger, higher resolution display than the BlackBerry 8900’s 480×360-pixel screen.

  • The device’s CPU will be more powerful than the Curve 8900’s.

  • The 9300 is thought to be silver, not unlike Verizon Wireless’s BlackBerry 8330 and 8830 devices.

  • The 9300 keyboard is slightly different than the BlackBerry 8900’s keypad, with more rounded keys.

  • The device’s Send/End keys are also more rounded than the ones on the 8900.

  • Wi-Fi and GPS aren’t confirmed but seem likely.

  • Camera specifics aren’t solidified, but a 3.2 megapixel camera akin to those found on the 8900 and Storm is also likely.

  • Possible Q4 ’09/Q1 ’10 release date.

Okay, so now we’ve got information on two upcoming BlackBerry devices: the 8325 and the 9300. It’s still unclear exactly which of the original specifications are for the 9300 and which come from the 8325, but one thing’s for sure: I’m a hell of a lot more interested in the 9300 now that I know it’s not just another version of the Curve.

Still, something doesn’t quite add up here. RIM’s initial Curve family was called the 83xx series; the new Curves are part of the 89xx line of BlackBerry devices. Why would RIM revert to the 83xx name when there are already 89xx devices on the market? Furthermore, who’s going to buy an 8325 that doesn’t offer any significant feature improvements over the 89xx, which is already available in Canada and elsewhere and is set to hit the United States any day now? Not me…

The 9300 on the other hand, I’m very interested to see what comes of this rumor. The site that posted the 9300/8325 information yesterday has admitted that it mixed up the devices’ tech specs, but stands by its report that a BlackBerry 9300 is indeed on the horizon. You may also remember a rumor from a few months ago about a touch-screen, full physical QWERTY hybrid-device called the “Magnum.” With RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) just around the corner in May, it seems likely that one of these new devices—or a new BlackBerry that has been successfully kept under wraps—could make a first appearance at the show.

Regardless, I’ll be in Orlando in early May, the location of WES, with bells on. For now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that all these RIM rumors pan out.


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