by Al Sacco New Forum for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Admins by BES Admins

Feb 02, 20092 mins
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BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrators and others who work with Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry infrastructure listen up: There’s a brand new online destination for BlackBerry admins, organized by and composed of other BES managers, and located at From what I can gather, access to Port3101’s various admin- and advanced-user-oriented forums is well worth the time it takes to register and start making your introductions.

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Named after a server port used for BES communications, just opened on Saturday but it’s already drawing a sizable crowd. As of 8:50 am (EST) this morning, there were 372 registered Port3101 users. And that number’s growing rapidly; there are already 10 more users than when I first registered roughly half an hour earlier at 8:20 am. has BES forum sections for general inquiries (BES Admin Bar & Grill); BES utilities (Scripts & Tools/Hints & Tricks); featured BlackBerry knowledge base (KB) articles from RIM; and a BlackBerry Server frequently asked questions area. The site also offers forums for power users, off-topic conversation, site feedback and even one section dubbed the “Cesspool of Uselessness,” meant for, well, stupid, or useless, questions.

The forum is new, and it will presumably take Port3101 some time to organized, but I couldn’t help but notice that the forum categories appear to be a bit broad at this point. For example, sub-categories in the BES Admin Bar & Grill section for Microsoft Exchange- or Lotus Domino-specific queries are nonexistent. And there’s no forum dedicated specifically to BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) issues.

It seems logical to assume that the folks will expand and customize the site accordingly with sub-forums as membership grows, but so far you’re restricted to the eight forum categories listed above. Even so, the site’s a great place to meet and communicate with other likeminded BES users.

With the latest BES version on the horizon, v5.0 or “Argon,” now’s a great time to join Port3101 and build your BES-related connections.

Register to become a member online.


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