by Mark Cummuta

Who Are The Best Companies to Work For – Targeting Your Job Search

Jan 29, 20092 mins

“I’m in a new (or prolonged) job search, and I just don’t know how to figure out what companies I should be targeting?”  Does that sound familiar?  There are many answers to this questions, ranging from networking to driving distances.  But today I want to quickly focus on a strong list of of firms that all job seekers should look into.

In today’s economy, many of even the strongest companies of the Standard & Poors, DOW and other rating big-name lists are closing their doors, undergoing major restructuring, and being acquired. And they are laying off thousands of workers, with over 75,000 new layoffs announced just this week alone.

So in these economically challenging times, where should a job seeker look to for an opportunity that won’t lead to another quick layoff?

Of course, no firm can guarantee “no layoffs, ever” any more – even Microsoft and IBM announced layoffs this month.  But, there still exist companies that take pride in keeping their employees happy, healthy, and a recognized key to their business strategies.

The best way to find these kinds of firms is in the various annual “Best Companies To Work For” lists that many organizations put together each year.

After some quick research, here is a list of several of these lists to help:

There are many more of these kinds of lists, by industry, state, city, and more.  To help, here is an aggregated list of lists with even more resources for researching the various “Best Of” companies that are still working hard to take care of their hard working employees.

If you know of others that you use and find helpful, please comment back!

Thank you for reading and for your comments!

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