by Jiten Patel

Belated Best Wishes to those that assist the Nonprofits around the globe

Jan 18, 20091 min
IT Leadership

Belated best wishes to all who offer assistance to nonprofit organizations around the globe … We are truly indebted to you for without your kind assistance we would be very limited in our efforts to improve the well-being of the poor around the globe.  

I take this opportunity to offer my deepest gratitude, heartfelt thanks and best wishes for 2009 and beyond to these individuals and organizations that have specifically helped us at FINCA … 

  • Mary Ann Zirelli and Chuck Rozwat at ORACLE for their huge, humongous assistance;
  • Kevin Turner and Joe Matz at Microsoft for their huge assistance; 
  • Kevin Gropp, Keith Angell, Tung OuYang, Nathan DeWitt, Marcia Bennet, Alberto Jimenez of IBM for their valued assistance;
  • David Murray and Mike Champlin at Google for offering non-profits access to GMail;
  • Dave Peranich at Riverbed for the piloting of their key WAN Optimization blackbox technology;

And special thanks to my peers at ACCION, Opportunity, WomensWorldBanking, Unitus, Grameen.

Again, many, many, many thanks