by Al Sacco

New Palm “Nova” Smartphone: Full QWERTY Slider with Touch Screen?

Jan 05, 20091 min
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Ye olde rumor mill never does stop churnin’, does she? Today, all the fuss is over information that suggests Palm’s latest smartphone, which will reportedly run the company’s much-anticipated—and long overdue—”Nova” operating system, sports a full-QWERTY slider-keyboard and a large touch screen, not unlike the popular Android-powered G1.

mockup of what new Palm Nova smartphone could look like
Mockup courtesy of Flickr’s Palmdoc_food

The new Nova device is expected to be unveiled at an invite only Palm event at CES 2009 in Las Vegas on Thursday at 11 am PST., and according to CrunchGear, trusted sources say the OS on the company’s new slider/touch screen smartphone is “amazing.” (Palm was nice enough to send me an invite to the Nova event, so I’ll let you know what I think on Thursday.)

mockup 2 of what new Palm Nova smartphone could look like
Mockup courtesy of Boing Boing

Few additional details are currently available, as the information is only speculation at this point. But a number of crafty Palm enthusiasts have been studiously putting Photoshop to work since the rumor hit the Web yesterday, envisioning what the new Palm device could look like. My favorites come from Boing Boing and Flickr-user Palmdoc_food.

Oh yeah, CrunchGear’s sources also say Palm’s new Nova smartphone is “iPhone-like.” Whodathunkit?