by Al Sacco

Android Getting More Biz Friendly with Docs to Go, RoadSync in ’09

Dec 17, 20082 mins
Enterprise Applications

The Android mobile platform is about to become better-suited for business use, thanks to two upcoming software offerings from DataViz due in 2009: Documents to Go, a Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewing, creation and editing program; and RoadSync, a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync program.

image from DataViz of Android logo Documents to Go

Many business-oriented smartphones already ship with a free, standard version of Documents to Go, including new BlackBerry devices, and there’s a Premium Edition with expanded functionality that sells for $69.99. Docs to Go is also available for Palm Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, and it should be coming soon to the iPhone 3G.

While the standard version doesn’t allow for new document creation—one of the most valuable features of document viewing apps—there are “tricks” to enable the functionality in the free Docs to Go software.

Google’s Android is still a ways away from become truly “enterprise ready”—due in large part to a lack of enterprise-grade security features—but the inclusion of Docs to Go and RoadSync are certainly a step in the right direction.

QuickOffice, one of DataViz’s leading Docs to Go rivals, said way back in April that it too has an Android-compatible version of its document editing software that’s ready as soon as more Android devices hit the market. There’s currently only one Android device officially available in the United States, T-Mobile’s G1, but a second Android device, Kogan’s Agora, is currently available for presale.


BoyGeniusReport via DataViz