by Al Sacco

RIM BlackBerry Storm Passes (Extensive) Screen Scratch Tests

Dec 04, 20082 mins
Data Center

RIM’s new BlackBerry Storm is currently getting lots of attention, and the focal point of most of the hype/gossip/negativity is the device’s stunning 480 X 360 display. That’s for good reason: The Storm is RIM’s first touch screen BlackBerry, and all throughout the Web, it’s already being pitted against the uber popular iPhone, which is also touch-screen-based.

One of the initial questions that comes to mind when considering touch screen mobile devices is how well that display will hold up to everyday wear and tear—especially if you’re like me, you avoid holsters at all costs and end up carting your handset in pockets along with keys, pens, money clips, lighters and other potentially damaging knickknacks.

Thanks to Brian from CES911, you can now quell your curiosity on the subject of Storm screen durability. Brian dutifully put the Storm’s screen through the paces, and though I won’t spoil the outcome, the results ought to be a weight off the shoulders of all new and potential Storm owners.

Let’s just say that none of Brian’s tests, which involved a rather unfriendly looking pocket knife, a “receipt catcher” with a large spike on its end, and fully-loaded key ring, do any sort of significant damage.

Still, you know what they say, Better safe than sorry. I’d still recommend picking up a Storm screen protector, considering many options can be had for less than $10. Check out my “BlackBerry Storm Accessories: 10 Must-Have Add-Ons for $10 to $100” for more on the subject.

And if you’re still not all touch-screened-out, don’t forget to watch my recent BlackBerry Application Center video walkthrough on the Storm.

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