by Al Sacco

Viigo Mobile RSS Reader In Action on BlackBerry Storm (Video)

Nov 06, 20082 mins
Enterprise Applications

There’s not too much news to report today in BlackBerry Land—not yet at least—but I just came across a five-minute video of my favorite mobile RSS reader, Viigo, on the new touch screen BlackBerry Storm and thought I’d share.

Seeing both the Storm and a new version of Viigo with a variety of new touch-screen-based shortcuts in action is well worth the five minutes it takes to watch the clip. But perhaps the most interesting part about the video is how the Viigo representative performing the demonstrations discusses the new factors that BlackBerry developers must take into account when creating new applications or tailoring existing BlackBerry ones for the touch screen Storm.

The latest news I’ve heard on the Storm front—zing!—is that the FCC has given its blessing to the GSM-only version of the Storm, which is expected to go on sale through Vodafone in the United Kingdom any day now; U.S. CrackBerry addicts can give Best Buy $50 (refundable) to reserve a Verizon Wireless Storm on launch day—which has not yet been specified; and last but not least, there are a number of rumors floating around the blogosphere that Verizon still has not yet certified the Storm OS, which means that Americans may not be seeing the device quite as soon as some had hoped. (When I got my hands on the Storm a couple of weeks ago, the OS was still very buggy.)

Oh yeah, there’s also a touch screen BlackBerry Storm “hunt” going on right now in Manhattan, and New Yorkers can follow a series of clues scattered throughout el Grande Apple in attempts to win a BlackBerry Storm.

For more on Viigo, check out our video review from earlier this year.