by Al Sacco

BlackBerry Expert Support Center: New Tool in BES Admin’s Arsenal

Nov 04, 20082 mins
Data Center

Even the freshest of BlackBerry administrators knows the vast majority of user support issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes with the right tools and knowhow. Thanks to Research In Motion’s (RIM) new BlackBerry Expert Support Center utility, identifying common smartphone service problems and managing related help-desk tickets just got easier—if your organization has a technical support contract with RIM, that is.

BlackBerry Expert Support Center window

RIM just released the BlackBerry Expert Support Center, and it’s a self-service dashboard designed to help BlackBerry administrators and support technicians resolve common BlackBerry service issues without ever reaching out to RIM or a wireless carrier.

For instance, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrators can use the new utility to verify that BlackBerry devices are correctly provisioned for enterprise usage by entering in the specific PINs and serial numbers for those devices and walking through a few quick tests.

The BlackBerry Expert Support Center can also be employed to check on the details of existing technical support service plans, including current service level agreements, contract start- and end-dates and more; and the tool can help create, update and manage IT support tickets. BESC users have immediate access to a variety of RIM software downloads and knowledge base reference materials, as well.

More on BlackBerry Technical Support Service can be found on RIM’s website

BlackBerry Expert Support Center may not be a full on-device IT help desk like the myBoxTone Expert application for RIM smartphones that I recently reviewed, but it’s sure to reduce IT’s need to reach out to third-parties for assistance with support issues.