by Jiten Patel

Presidential elections and Technology

Nov 03, 20083 mins
Enterprise Applications

The day of reckoning is almost upon us … election day that is.

Apathy is not the cure for our political, economic or for that matter any of our ills … but exercising one’s right to vote also may not cure any or our ills but it affords us the right to vent our frustrations and allows us to feel good for doing so and in voicing our support or lack thereof on a particular issue or a candidate … in short it makes a statement whether symbolic, rhetoric, or otherwise that one wants their voice heard … Ahhh, to take a firm and bold step to make the political process work for us, the common person – Ugghh, talk about “naivete” but what a virtuous notion.

Now regardless of your preference for either the donkey or the elephant … note that each has its virtues and vices.

Casting aside one’s biases for either the donkey or the elephant, what are the key characteristics of each?


  • Are social creatures, don’t like being kept on their own although a single donkey will live quite happily with goats
  • Are very intelligent — despite what the perception may be
  • Are not easily startled (unlike horses) and have a keen sense of curiosity,
  • Have a reputation for stubbornness but this is due to their highly developed sense of self preservation,
  • Are more independent in their thinking than horses and will reason, then make decisions based on their safety
  • Are stronger than a horse of the same size
  • Have an incredible memory
  • Do not like the rain and being out in it for long periods can damage their health as their fur is not waterproof.


  • Are social creatures, who exhibit complex social behavior
  • Are very strong and intelligent
  • Are not easily startled and have a keen sense of curiosity
  • Have a reputation for being a gentle giant
  • Are more independent in their thinking than horses and will reason, then make decisions based on their safety
  • Have an incredible memory.

Here is what can one infer from the above …

  • Donkeys are stubborn … so Dems are stubborn and jackasses to boot.
  • Elephants never forget and don’t care what they trample over … so Repubs never forget and don’t care about smashing the little guy.

And I presumed that I was going to write about the presidential candidates and technology …

  • One seems savvy enough about it whilst the other has an aversion to it
  • One wants to leverage and promote its use whilst the other wants to promote the pony express
  • One knows how to text, whilst the other knows the abacus.

It will have to wait for another day and time when the political winds have calmed somewhat with the advent of hurricane O storming through our shores tomorrow, Nov 4.

Exercise your right tomorrow, make history either way, and May Gob Bless us all.