by Jiten Patel

Have Connectivity / Response time problems? … consider using WAN Optimization

Oct 30, 20081 min
IT Leadership

For those of us seeking more reliable Internet access in the developing countries or operating in remote parts of the world … have now at least one option.  In some instances this can offer a more cost effective way of improving performance than having to pay for higher bandwidth.

If the response time of accessing one’s application remotely is causing angst due to its sluggishness and you have tried all other approaches to resolve this issue and finally contemplating increasing bandwidth then STOP!!!

 Before you do anything … go Google for “wan optimization”  

Product from the likes of Riverbed, Juniper, CISCO … to name a few, who offer a solution to this problem.

Let us call it an “appliance”. This would be needed on both ends of the pipe. It does “network black magic” and helps to improve response times, and ensures improved network performance. How? … I am not an expert in this area, but know who is, call IBM.  I owe big thanks and gratitude to IBM staff for directing me towards this technology, specifically Keith Angell, Tung Ouyang, and Nathan DeWitt.