by Jiten Patel

Financial Bailout / Economic turmoil … look for some positives

Oct 01, 20082 mins
IT Leadership

From a personal perspective this so-called bailout has the alarm bells ringing in my brain that I will have to continue to work till I am antique, decrepit and have pall-bearers carry me away from working. My hallucinations of retirement have been swept away with the  fast, ferocious speed of the financial “rapids” moving downstream … i am gasping for air, and gulping water with every effort. Ahhh, it is being in a state of paralysis where one watches but unable to do anything.  

From a professional perspective … the near term bleeds doom, however from the medium to long term, I am sanguine about what this turmoil may offer.

Selfishly, in the medium to long term, despite having fewer and fewer banks and/or financial services companies to be seen on and off financial streets around the world, there will be more work for IT.

Demands for greater transparency means more regulation and controls … which means greater demand for IT … at least for those still employed.  And for those unfortunate enough to be kept on the sidelines, there is still hope … with the likes of us in the non-profit world. We will welcome you with open arms and offer plenty of interesting challenges. To help offset the financial losses, we can offer you something much more valuable, work that is personally rewarding, worthwhile, and satisfying … with you offering a lending hand (lending does not have to have a bad connotation) to the poor to stand on their own two feet. 

In the meantime though keep your head high, breath-in and out ever so slowly, make belt-tightening moves, keep beavering away at work, and in case you do not have work then keep your self positively and constructively occupied … volunteer at your child’s school, start coaching your child’s sports team, write a blog, and last but not least, contact me here to see if we can hook you up with us or someone else.

And do not give-up … Best wishes and prayers to all of us in need for something.