by Al Sacco

BlackBerry Downloads: RIM’s Official List of Applications and Services

Aug 29, 20082 mins
Enterprise Applications

While perusing my daily selection of BlackBerry blogs and websites earlier this week, I came across a forum entry on that, to my surprise, contained a link to Research In Motion’s (RIM) official list of BlackBerry applications and services–many of which are free.

This find was a bit of a shock to me because I’ve searched for such a page on numerous occasions in the past to no avail. I don’t know whether the page is new, or I just missed before, but the list is a great resource for any and all CrackBerry addicts who can never seem to get enough BlackBerry software.

screenshot of the RIM BlackBerry icond screen with various application icons
BlackBerry Icon Screen with Various Apps

Since I spend a considerable chunk of my time finding and experimenting with various mobile downloads for my weekly BlackBerry tips, I thought I’d share the list of apps and services, which apparently lives in the BlackBerry Lifestyle section of RIM’s website.

I’ve used and recommended a number of the free programs on the list, including Facebook for BlackBerry, Flickr mobile, the home screen icon WorldMate Live, and my favorite BlackBerry app, Viigo.

And I see some free and for-pay applications I’m looking forward to trying, such as E*TRADE Mobile Pro, Garmin Mobile and ZAGAT to Go.

I also can’t help but notice that a few applications I’d expect to be on the list are notably absent. For instance, BlackBerry Wallet, which was developed by RIM, and the brand new Mobile Reader are both missing.

Kind of makes you wonder what a developer’s got to do to make RIM’s official list…

Thanks go to Pinstack’s jdellasala for pointing this out.


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