Insider Insights: Auto industry CIO on tech, talent and trends (video)'s Lauren Brousell chats with Barry Cohen, CIO at the Asbury Automotive Group, about tech innovations in auto industry, tackling the IT talent shortage, dealing with pervasive hacks and the evolving CIO role.

In the latest installment of Insider Insights,'s Lauren Brousell chats with Barry Cohen, CIO at the Asbury Automotive Group. Brousell met up with Cohen at CIO Perspectives Atlanta and asked him about innovations in automotive technology, how Asbury Automotive is tackling the IT talent shortage, security and more.

Here are a few highlights from the video interview:

On IT talent:  We have a lot of people who are in our dealerships, so most of the people I'm recruiting for are the field technicians who work in the stores.

On personality testing: We're looking to make certain that a person is hard-wired a certain way, that they fit well in the position.

On exciting new technology: There are a lot of customer-facing applications that are going to be really exciting and help to drive revenue.

On security hacks:  I am having to spend a lot of time getting information first and making sure I know what's going on because I'm getting questions from my C-suite and from the board of directors about what's going on.

On the future of the CIO profession: It's a very business-facing position and they interact with the boards now. In the 70s, it was an accounting function for the most part, and today it's interacting with every part of the business.

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