by Al Sacco

New Duracell Pocket Chargers Provide Extra Boost of BlackBerry Juice

Jul 25, 20082 mins
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Two new travel-friendly chargers from battery maker Duracell could give road warriors the extra boost of power needed to keep their BlackBerrys, PDAs or media players up and running between destinations.

Duracell My Pocket Charger
Duracell My Pocket Charger

The CopperTop disposable battery maker on Thursday released two new chargers: the 2.8 inch by 1.2 inch My Pocket Charger, which comes in two versions—one for designed for BlackBerrys and Motorola phones and another for iPods—and costs just $14.99; and the 2.6 inch by 3.25 inch PowerSource Mini, which features both micro- and mini-USB connectors and a USB port and goes for $49.99.

My Pocket Charger runs on two AA batteries and can provide an extra hour of talk time on your BlackBerry or a full 24 hours of music via iPod, according to Duracell.

The more pricey—and hefty—PowerSource Mini uses an internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery to power your gadgets, and it can be charged using standard AC power outlets, a vehicle’s DC socket or a computer’s USB port. Fully charged, the gizmo will last almost three and a half hours, which is nearly enough time to fully re-up a dead BlackBerry battery, Duracell says. And because it has both a micro/mini USB connector and a separate USB port, it can be used to charge two gadgets at once.

Duracell PowerSource Mini with BlackBerry 8700
Duracell PowerSource Mini

When combined with a universal charger unit, like the kwikSynCh Dual Charger, the PowerSource Mini could be used to power up just about any mobile device, as all power cords with a USB connector can be plugged into the gadget for charging.

Both new Duracell power sources are currently available online via and other retailers.

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