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50 Mobile Finance Apps for BlackBerry and iPhone

Jul 09, 20083 mins
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While surfing my usual collection of BlackBerry- and smartphone-related blogs and sites yesterday, I came across a blog post that contains brief descriptions of and links to 50 finance-oriented mobile software downloads for BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones—25 for each device. The post is short and sweet, but there’s some good stuff in there, so I thought I’d share.

I’ve written a variety of related stories in recent days on BlackBerry software—some free, open-source and otherwise—and I’m always looking for new, cool apps so I was excited to see some fresh options.

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I’m a mobile software aficionado, but first and foremost I’m a CrackBerry addict, so my eye naturally went right to the BlackBerry software. The iPhone apps are worth checking out, as well—though I’d be willing to bet most of them don’t run natively on the phone and can’t interact with other systems or apps, so their overall value might be hindered.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the some of the featured BlackBerry apps:

Necho Expense and ExpenseLog Pro

I’ve been considering picking up an expense tracking application like Necho or ExpenseLog Pro for some time, but haven’t yet downloaded a specific app. Both of these programs let you save and track expense reports and related information. ExpenseLog Pro even has an automatic currency converter. Feedback from anyone who’s used either of these or any other comparable app is welcome.

Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator for BlackBerry, Bantam Calc and TipBuddy

BlackBerry smartphones come with a default calculator program from Research In Motion, but if you’ve ever found yourself seeking additional functionality then the Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator or the Bantam Calc might be for you. Both of these apps can do everything the default calculator does and more. Specifically, the Pocket 12C app can perform calculations with cash-flow analysis and depreciation.

TipBuddy is a basic calculator program that helps you quickly determine gratuities for meals or services, in case you’re too lazy or simply aren’t inclined to do the math on another full-featured mobile calculator.

CNBC and Financial Times Shortcuts (Free)

Both applications place icons on your BlackBerry home screen that deliver financial news and market outlooks when clicked. These are all fine and good, but who needs shortcuts to individual news sources with great RSS readers like Viigo are available for free. The existing editions of Viigo lets you pick and choose your own RSS feeds so you get all the news and information you want in one central location on your BlackBerry—and the upcoming Project Tango version, now in beta, has a dedicated channel for stocks and finance.

Read the original post on for more mobile financial applications for BlackBerry and iPhone, and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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