by Laurianne McLaughlin

What Are The Best Open Source CRM Applications?

Jun 02, 20081 min
Enterprise Applications

If you’ve already checked out CIO’s newest survey on open source use in the enterprise, you know that among enterprise applications that IT leaders are using now, three types of open source applications top the list: ERP, collaboration and CRM.

We’ve covered open source ERP before, and the continuing hunger for an alternative to SAP and Oracle ERP applications, especially in the midsize IT shops, is striking.

What we haven’t covered lately is open source CRM, and I’d like to, for an upcoming article. So let’s talk options in open source CRM.

SugarCRM, of course, dominates the choices. I’d like to hear from those of you working with Sugar: If you’re using Sugar in your enterprise now, what are the biggest challenges and advantages compared to working with a traditional CRM vendor? What do you think of the new “data center” edition they recently released?

For CIOs who want to consider several other open source options, I’d like to hear from the community. Which other packages should be at the top of the possibles list? SplendidCRM? CentricCRM? Others?

Last question: Is open source CRM still more practical for midsize enterprises than for large ones? Why or why not?