by Al Sacco

Poll: Which Smartphone/PDA OS(s) Does Your Organization Support? Why?

Mar 18, 20081 min
Data Center

Research In Motion and its BlackBerry own the corporate smartphone space in the United States. In fact, a recent survey suggests that RIM has nearly three-quarters of U.S. enterprise users.

But many of the same organizations that support BlackBerry smartphones also support Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian devices. Some are even supporting the iPhone, and with Apple’s recent announcement of Microsoft Exchange support for its smartphone, it’s a safe bet that more organizations will soon be giving the iPhone the corporate thumbs up.

image of a RIM BlackBerry Pearl, Nokia E62, Palm Treo 750 and T-Mobile HTC Dash
RIM, Windows Mobile and Symbian Smartphones

We’re curious about which smartphones operating systems your organizations are using right now, and we’ve built a quick poll to collect answers. We’d also like to know why you chose the OS(s) you did. Is it because BlackBerry offers the most robust and secure environment? Because Windows Mobile devices are easiest to integrate with backend systems from Microsoft? Does the iPhone’s innovative user interface outweigh any security concerns?

Drop us a comment beneath the poll and let us know.