by Al Sacco

The BlackBerry Addiction Poll: How Much Do You Love Your Smartphone?

Feb 27, 20083 mins

Recently I detailed my own personal BlackBerry addiction in a blog post, as well as initiatives at a Canadian government agency and a Chicago hotel that are meant to help folks tame their excessive smartphone use.

The post generated some significant discussion in forums on and Here’s a scattering of the ones I like best.

image of a Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone

“I have tried other phones and have come back to the BlackBerry each time because of the addiction. I believe there might be BlackBerry-itis. But it’s a good thing!” – Opacity on

I’m not sure anything-itis is good, but I get the point.

“This isn’t cute. It’s outrageously rude. I cannot believe how frequently I need to leave my seat in movie theatres these days to walk down and tell some inconsiderate slob three rows down to stop playing with his phone during the movie…The reason they turn the lights off in theatres is so that people can focus all their attention on the movie and not have any distractions. If I were dating someone who insisted on playing with a phone during a movie, that, without question, would be our last date. I love my BlackBerry as much as anyone. But if someone can’t have basic common courtesy for others, they ought to seek professional help.” – Wirelessforever on

Yikes…I hadn’t even considered professional help, but maybe Wirelessforever is right. In my defense, I wasn’t in a theatre. I was at home on my own couch.

“Just like many people, I start playing with my buddy’s berry. Than next thing you know I’m itching for more…Its like drugs. Smokes or crack. Before you try one, you just dismiss it as nothing. Once you try it, than you look at the rest of other phone in market and question why you would ever go back. Its like Berry is on a different level.” — Haoaw on

Well put, Haoaw!

“Nothing is wrong with being addicted to a Berry. I just quit smoking after 24 years. Smoking can hurt my health and a Berry can’t. You do the math!!” – Apollo Creed on

A BlackBerry may not be able to hurt you, but your angry, smartphone-hating significant other probably could…

“[T]he answer with the woman issue is to get her a BB… my wife just got a perl to match my 8830WE and we coudn’t be happier… well except now she sends me too many PING!!!’s when i don’t respond quick enough…” — libuff on

Actually, my girlfriend uses a BlackBerry Pearl 8130, but she still doesn’t let me play with my device during movies…not yet at least. She’s only had it for a few months now so the addiction has yet to really sink in.

Anyway, all this colorful commentary got me wondering why readers were hesitant to express or deny their BlackBerry or smartphone addictions on my last post—to this point, there are only two comments.

Below, I’ve thrown together a quick BlackBerry addiction poll. I’m hoping those of you who didn’t want to extrapolate on your mobile device habits in my last post will at least take a second to cast your vote and let us know how you categorize your smartphone use.