by Gary Beach

Join the Call for Science Debate 2008

Feb 12, 20082 mins

The war in Iraq/Afghanistan, illegal immigration, the economy, healthcare……what ever happened to the issue of science and technology in the US Presidential debates?

Well a group called Science Debate 2008 ( has called for a debate among the four remaining presidential candidates focused solely on science and technology. The proposed venue will be The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on April 18th, four days before the Pennsylvania presidential primary.

Supporters of Science Debate 2008 claim “the United States is broadly holding its own, thanks, in part, to its large, mature, and diversified science and technology system. But it (the USA) faces robust challenges affecting its education, workforce and R&D that arise from the far-reaching and rapid worldwide changes.”

Let’s have some fun!

The visitors to are among the most sophisticated users of technology on the planet. If you had the opportunity to submit a question to the four candidates on science and technology, what would that question be?

Send along your responses. I promise to roll them up and send them along to the organizers of Science Debate 2008 for consideration. visitors…..LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!

Let’s make this a memorable post. Send along that question right now.