by Gary Beach

Join China 1.0

Jan 09, 20081 min
IT Leadership

Welcome to China 1.0.

I traveled to Beijing last month and during my 11 days in this fascinating city I took notes on things I saw with no particular reason in mind.

Until several hours ago! 

Today driving around at lunch time I was listening to an NPR segment on China. The program guests were saying while most are “aware” of China and what is going on in the PRC, few have ever actually visited the country and they were encouraging listeners not to “ignore” the economic developments, and challenges, in China.

That’s the purpose of China 1.0!

I would like to create a community dedicated to China where we would collectively share our observations of this important country and offer tips and suggestions for doing business in the PRC. As with the NPR program, the overwhelming majority of visitors to have never set foot in China. But, on the other hand, many of you have. And that’s the goal of this blog. To pragmatically learn more about China as a country and China as a business partner.


If we get enough folks interested, let’s do it.

Hope to see you on China 1.0 in the future.