by Laurianne McLaughlin

Top 10 Tech Headlines I Want to Write in 2008

Dec 20, 20071 min
Data Center

 10. Victoria’s Virtualization Secrets

 9. Dancing With the Stars Shocker: Linus Torvalds and Lindsay Lohan Tango to the Title 

8. Vroomba! How to Overclock Your Vacuuming Robot

7. Microsoft Vista sparks illegal migration debate  

6. Tearful Britney Says: Windows XP Security Alert Told Me to Shave My Head! 

5. “Second Life Romance Gone Wrong Song” Goes Platinum for Beyonce and Neil Diamond

4. Steve Jobs Designs New Clothing Line for Target, Says Green is Not the New Black 

3. Jimmy Buffett reveals VMware angel investment, says VM always stood for “Virtual Margarita”

2. Hillary Clinton Pledges: “I’m for the Working PCs”

1. Mac Zealots Ruin Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Hopes 

Send me any leads you’ve got on the above stories. And Happy New Year!