How Glassdoor’s reviews help you find your dream job

You probably won't make a major purchase, or even a minor purchase, without reading a few reviews first. With Glassdoor, you can bring the same approach to your job search.

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What about anonymity in small companies?

Since the site is largely anonymous, there are a number of precautions for employees of small businesses who might not be comfortable leaving even their job title. And, similarly, in a larger business with small departments, employees might feel too exposed if they leave a review with their full title, so users can choose to leave out certain details.

And if the company is smaller than 25, you can leave out the title all together. These protections help keep reviews anonymous and let employees feel more secure when it comes to posting their impressions of a company.

How companies deal with negative reviews

Employers are understandably weary of inviting negative reviews on Glassdoor, but the solution isn't to simply ask your employees to write positive reviews. Instead, says Zupan, "Ask [employees] to leave a review about what it's like to work there, because you also have to think about the repercussions of what you're asking people to do." Asking for strictly positive reviews will probably make most employees uneasy, even if they love their job.

It's also important to remember that one person's awesome job may be another person's workplace nightmare. "Even a person who left a good glowing review, they might write something about the company and you might say 'that's really not for me'," says Zupan.

Businesses need to be prepared that if they ask employees for their honest opinions, they might not like what they hear. "You just have to be open-minded to the feedback you will get, good or bad," says Zupan, "and also be ready to engage."

Company Transparency

Most of Glassdoor's efforts have revolved around increasing company transparency, which can benefit the company just as much as the job seeker. In the days of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, many people have come to expect more insights into companies, so expanding that to the work environment only makes sense.

Businesses are responding to the popularity of Glassdoor as well, especially since most see more traffic on their Glassdoor profiles than their own career pages, according to Zupan. It's encouraged many businesses to take their Glassdoor presence more seriously. And just as job seekers can learn more about a company on Glassdoor, executives can also gauge feedback to help steer their business in the right direction.

In the long run, companies want employees who want to be there, and job seekers want to work for a company that aligns with their personal goals. Glassdoor can help bridge that communication and help job seekers find the right fit for them, and help companies better their working environment through feedback.


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