by Diann Daniel

Quick Stats: Business Intelligence

Dec 12, 20072 mins
Enterprise Applications

Business intelligence is a hot tech topic: The amount of information that’s being generated is growing exponentially, and the best way to aggregate and use that information is understandably an increasing priority for companies.

As I report on BI for, I’ll be checking in with analysts and practitioners to see what they think 2008 holds for the business intelligence landscape and what your priorities should be. I’ll also be telling you what Aberdeen Group found when they looked at what the leading service companies were doing with their information and what they’ve gained from doing BI well.

For now, here’s a couple research nuggets:

Best-in-class* service companies have improved the time it takes them to arrive at a decision by 47% since adopting business intelligence/analytics technology.

Best-in-class service firms have improved customer retention by 42% since adopting business intelligence/analytics technology.

More to come…

Let me know what BI and search issues are on your mind and which ones you want to hear more about—data cleanliness, turf wars, new technologies, M&A activity. I’d love to hear!


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*Best-in-class service organizations are defined as leaders in financial, operational, and customer-facing metrics.

Source: Aberdeen Group