by Christopher Lindquist

How healthy is your organization?

Nov 06, 20071 min
IT Leadership

CIO has partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to help companies dig into their “organizational DNA.” Take a moment to fill out their survey, check your results against thousands of others, and we’ll report later on the overall findings.

Here’s the rundown from the survey site. Thanks!

Ever wonder why some organizations consistently deliver while others disappoint? Faced with the same market, stocked with similar talent, one organization flourishes, while the other flounders. Organizational DNA—a concept and approach developed by Booz Allen Hamilton consultants—explains why.

Find out in five minutes how your organization rates. Take Booz Allen Hamilton’s short survey and diagnose your organization’s DNA. Is it Passive-Aggressive, Fits-and-Starts, Outgrown, Overmanaged, Just-in-Time, Military Precision, or Resilient? Once you know, you can keep what’s good, fix what’s wrong, and unlock great performance.

Since Booz Allen Hamilton launched in December 2003, more than 60,000 individuals have completed the Org DNA ProfilerŽ survey. Respondents come from companies of all sizes in thirty-four different industries and represent every function and level in the corporate hierarchy. Since adding a field to collect country data in April 2004, Booz Allen Hamilton has received profiles from more than one hundred countries.