by Chris Moore

Is Bigstring the next BIG THING on the web?

Oct 31, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

I was checking my e-mail last night while listening to the news and I heard someone on TV say “recall e-mails” and “remotely delete e-mails.” The phrases caught my attention, and I stopped e-mailing and started to watch the news (it was NBC, I think), which now had my full attention. The CEO of was being interviewed, and he was discussing what I believe could be a revolution in the world of e-mail. It might be the next Facebook or Youtube of e-mail. This is a company to watch, investigate and decide if you will let it into your corporate e-mail domain. That is, if you can stop it.

The creators of Bigstring suggest that their solution allows you to send:

  • Self-Destructing Email
  • Recallable/Erasable Email
  • Non-Forwardable Email
  • Non-Printable/Savable Email
  • And Much More
One day you have an e-mail, the next day you don’t. The solution raises many questions: Did you really have the email? After all, there’s no evidence, no trail. Bigstring’s solution puts total control in the hands of the sender while potentially creating all kinds of havoc for people who receive these e-mails. Is this a service that will appeal more to home e-mail users? Does it have a place in the corporate e-mail world?

Could this change e-mail as we know it? For me right now Bigstring’s solution raises more questions than answers. But we need to find some answers so as IT managers we are prepared to respond to users, corporate auditors, and privacy and records executives.

Kudos to bigstring for developing the functionality. For me this company is definitely One to Watch.